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how to order orca

We’ve moved out of the prototype phase and into the production phase, and we hope to be accepting orders very soon. To be placed on our waiting list without obligation, please email us at the address below.

To inquire about ordering please email us at:



The prices listed below are approximate. We’ll update this as soon as we know more.

ORCA introductory DVD only                                 $30        (creditable upon kit order)

The ORCA introductory DVD shows you everything that’s included in the kit, as well as everything that you will need for its completion.  A brief construction overview highlights outer hull prep and assembly,  as well as a WTC layout of  the radio, battery, and motor.  You will see how the outer hull assembles, and how the WTC is installed. There’s even a section on proper balance and trim and a flight school.  And of course, lots of video of the ORCA in action.  Best of all, if you order the ORCA introductory DVD, the cost is creditable towards the purchase price of a full kit.

Full Kit includes ORCA introductory DVD         $285

Short Kit (fiberglass parts only)                            $240

For the builder who wants to get their own PVC from the plumbing store, make a mess cutting it, and save a few bucks.  The short kit contains the fuselage, hatch, and wingerons.

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