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Video files are available in both the Windows Media Player format or the Quicktime format.

Because “A Day at the Pool” is a large file and downloading may take a long time for users with a slow internet connection, we have also provided it as three smaller files, part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Also, there are several additional files at the bottom of the page which are higher resolution than “A Day at the Pool”, but shorter in length.

Enjoy the ORCA in action, and please be sure to visit this page frequently for updates

Windows Media Player

A Day at the Pool

Full length  9 Mb

Part 1   3.0 Mb

Part 2   3.5 Mb

Part 3   2.9 Mb

File Formats for Download

ORCA R/C aquaplane flyby


A Day at the Pool

Full length  9 Mb

Part 1   2.4 Mb

Part 2   2.9 Mb

Part 3   4.1 Mb

The video files below are higher resolution but shorter in length than A Day at the Pool.

Rolls    5.3 Mb

Loops    6.3 Mb

Surface Breaches   3.5 Mb

High Speed Passes    3.5 Mb

ORCA R/C aquaplane breach

Rolls    14 Mb

Loops    15 Mb

Surface Breaches   7.4 Mb

High Speed Passes    9.1 Mb

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