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ORCA R/C aquaplane breach ORCA R/C aquaplane splash

The ORCA, or Original Radio Controlled Aquaplane, was designed to combine the challenge and excitement of an R/C aircraft with the pure fun of a swimming pool submarine in a package that is both fast and exciting, and truly “crash proof”.

The idea was a relatively simple one:  a heavier-than-water craft, which is in reality a “dynamic surfacer” capable of maneuvering tightly enough to be “flown” within the size constraints of  a typical family swimming pool. The ORCA is comprised of two components: a watertight chamber (WTC) which carries the radio and propulsion gear, surrounded by a free-flooding hydrodynamic outer hull which serves as an attachment point for wing, elevator, and rudder control surfaces. 

During the course of its development, there have been numerous design changes to the ORCA’s ultra-low-drag outer hull in order to optimize performance.  The outer hull is essentially a modified Albacore hull with substantial fillets for the moveable rudder, elevator, and wingerons.  The ORCA  is capable of loops and turns in less than three feet of water throughout its speed envelope. The submarine virtually leaps out of the water during full speed surface breeches. Also, the WTC has been designed as an interchangeable module, which can be easily installed in a different outer hull design.  This means if you want to build a second ORCA, you won’t need another WTC. Currently there are three additional outer hull designs in development.

High speed just below the surface...

ORCA R/C aquaplane submurged speed


ORCA R/C aquaplane roll

and loops.

ORCA R/C aquaplane loop
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