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updated 7-26-06

Pretty much everything here is new, including our concept for the future of RC submarines. The ORCA is just the first in a series of underwater “aircraft” kits that we will be producing. 

Progress on kit production: We have moved out of the prototype phase and into the production phase.  We’re currently working on the instruction manual and some business paperwork. Then it’s just a matter of putting it in a box.

We have some fantastic ideas for our future kits.  We will be producing  a couple of kits that appear more like conventional aircraft. Additionally, we plan to produce at least one kit which has sort of a science fiction “flavor”.

Check for regular updates on the ORCA video pages, and as we test new hardware we’ll post that information on the recommended setups page.

Also, watch for our test of a Novak HV-Maxx brushless motor system in an ORCA, which will be coming soon.

We’ll also keep you updated on kit upgrades and options, like the upcoming radical plug in wing and stab for the ORCA.

ORCA R/C aquaplane

Because the ORCA is a totally new RC concept, it may take a little time for the ORCA community to develop, but we would like to set up a message board, if not on our site, maybe at RC Universe.com or RC Groups.com.  We’ll keep you posted on that.

ORCA R/C aquaplane

So check back here frequently, and we’ll keep you up to date on all things ORCA.

Thank you for your interest in our products.


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